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Andrea Arriaga- 2023- foto3.jpeg

Andrea M. Arriaga Camacho
President of Andrea Always Young

Our company emerges from the initiative of Ms. Andrea Marie Arriaga Camacho who at 11 years old learned how to do soaps and instantly fell in love with the process. After having learned how to make soap at a workshop in her church, she begged her mother to buy her the materials required to make soaps. As soon as Andrea got the supplies, she began to manufacture and sell soaps behind her mother's back to close friends, teachers and even the school principal herself. The problem was that she didn't have permission to sell at her school and could've been expelled. After her mother found out, the only thing that she told Andrea was that things are done well and that what starts well ends well. It was then that Andrea's mother helped her register her company, SOAPS ANDREA CORP, and get the permits required.


​Andrea is known as the "YOUNGEST ENTREPRENEUR OF PR" and has distinguished herself locally and internationally for her willingness, maturity, dedication, organization, perseverance and above all, helping people in need by sharing her earnings. Besides, she places the Psalm 51:10 in all of her products "Create in me a pure heart.” Andrea then became not only an entrepreneur but also a speaker that devotes herself to give motivational talks through conventions and private activities.

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