Pomegranates Handmade Soap
  • Pomegranates Handmade Soap

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    This glycerin soap includes 100% natural goat milk. Glycerin-based soaps contain proteins, vitamins and minerals that are highly beneficial for our skin. It also contains lipids that can be found in milk, these help moisturize skin and prevent dryness and cracking. Essential pure oils and natural spices are added to help your skin feel smoother, hydrated and fresh.

      This glycerin soap contains pomegranate oil which is great for all skin types, especially for dry skin because it hydrates it and prevents the appearance of cracks and irritations on the surface of your skin. If you happen to have greasy skin, this soap will help prevent the presence of acne and black spots.

    • USE:

      External use only. Avoid contact with eyes and lips. If this occurs, rinse well with water.

    • CAUTION:

      Avoid contact with eyes and lips. If this occurs, rinse well with water and consult a doctor if necessary.


      GOAT’S MILK GLYCERIN, Pomegranate Oil, 100% Natural Pomegranate Essence, Baby Bee Buttermilk Fragrance, and Vitamin E.

    • WEIGHT:

      110g/ 3.88 oz

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